What is it?

How does it begin?

Who makes it happen?

These and many other questions about employee management have mystified managers at every level for decades.  In an effort to gain greater understanding of these issues, we have assembled an ever growing list of books by authors who have studied the issue deeply.

Each book listed on this site includes information about the author, summaries of the book and a free excerpt.  I’ve also included a few comments of my own, all in an effort to help you, the reader, zero in on the topic you seek.  Take a few moments, browse and find the book written in a style you enjoy.  Every author listed here is an expert in their own field and each presents a compelling case and a deeper understanding of the employee management mystery that is Motivation.

Books are classified in the following categories.  Just click one to reach the page with YOUR answers …

–        Engaging your workforce

–        Recruiting/hiring/training

–        Organizational issues

–        HR/Personnel Leadership

–        Sales & Misc.

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